It’s Our 1st Anniversary

Biography by Design opened for business one year ago this month. In celebration of our first anniversary, we are sending this note of gratitude to our friends, family and colleagues for the wonderful referrals you have sent our way. Thank you!

Your referrals have yielded rich and rewarding projects, while also getting BBD off to the most promising of beginnings. We are thrilled with our firm’s growth and productivity in just one year, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Check out the new “Clients & Projects” tab on our website to learn more about our completed and ongoing projects.

And please keep those referrals coming!


Kate Buford & Abby Santamaria

Celebrating A Successful First 9 Months!

Predicting the success of a new venture is risky business, but we launched Biography by Design last February with high hopes built on hard work and determination. We’re pleased to share the news that our efforts have paid off with a variety of projects, including: research for “Channels,” Audible’s new line of original podcasts; initiatives for Hunter College; full manuscript editing for numerous authors; and privately contracted books and monographs for several families. *

Biography by Design began as a firm specializing in “legacy” biographies of individuals, couples, families, firms and organizations. But we quickly learned a valuable lesson: not to limit ourselves. The demand for excellent writing, editing and research extends to projects we didn’t anticipate — genealogical research, editing a series of Young Adult novels, crafting a monograph for a historically and environmentally sensitive real estate development, and more.

At the same time, our original intent has been richly and rewardingly confirmed. We are currently working on the biography of a major mutual fund founder, the story of a key player in the collegiate athletics world, and a grandson’s story of his close relationship with his Nebraska grandfather, among others.

Everybody does have a story to tell. And we are privileged to help you tell yours. We love this work and look forward to many more years serving our clients.

Kate & Abby

* Holiday Gift Idea: Give a two-hour BBD consultation for $200 to a family member, colleague or valued nonprofit. We will find the story, suggest a narrative structure and propose next steps. Please contact us for more information and help placing your order.