Clients & Projects

A selected list of Biography by Design’s client projects, followed by the type of work we are providing for each.

  • A fashion entrepreneur’s coffee table book about her childhood growing up in a family of aviators. (Research, writing, editing, design & production)
  • A Des Moines man’s fictional treatment of his beloved grandfather’s experience in Europe in the last year of World War II. (Editing)
  • Audible’s new venture into original podcasts: “Presidents Are People, Too”; “Damned Spot”; “Ponzi Supernova”; “Butterfly Effect.” (Research & fact-checking)
  • A Virginia family’s environmentally sensitive development of their historic estate into a new community. (Research, writing, editing, design & production)
  • An athletics administrator’s memoir about a college sports scandal. (Research, writing, editing)
  • Hunter College (Research & writing)
  • A mutual fund executive’s biography of his firm’s renowned founder. (Full manuscript editing)
  • A former Marine colonel’s novel about post-9/11 terror and sabotage. (Full manuscript editing)
  • Website content for CORE, a NYC luxury real estate developer. (Research & writing)

Note: We keep our clients’ names confidential, along with identifying information about their projects, unless given explicit permission to make them public.