What We Do

Our core service is to research, write and produce custom biographies of individuals, families, corporations, institutions and other types of organizations. Just as each story is unique, so too is the process of its telling. Research typically includes a combination of collecting archival material (documents and geneological data, for example), conducting interviews and compiling contextual information in order to frame the subject in a particular setting or time. Through this research we are able to suss out the essence of a tale. We then organize the material, in an efficient and cost-effective process, into a compelling narrative.

Each biography is distinct not only in content—including length, scope and appearance—but also in purpose. A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary may mark the occasion by engaging us to record the story of their life together. A family may seek our services to memorialize a recently lost relative. Corporations might strive to improve client relations by hiring us to humanize their history. Nonprofits, schools and other organizations that rely on private funding may contract us to produce their story as a development tool. Often, these projects involve marking or marketing milestones such as birthdays, the founding of an organization or the retirement of a CEO.

Other Services:
•    editing
•    research
•    ghost writing
•    nonfiction book proposal consultations
•    as-told-to memoirs
•    website narratives